For a time Natalia Knight, the criminal also known as Nocturna, Mistress of the Night is a stabilizing influence in his life; she becomes his surrogate mother and even adopts the young Todd. Jason Todd was “the logical candidate,” O’Neil said. [68] This is noteworthy as this version of the character was introduced nine years before the canon Jason was resurrected as Red Hood. Jason Todd appears Batman: The Adventures Continue comic book series, which is set in the continuity of the DC Animated Universe. However, Todd does not wear the Robin costume until six months of training. He subsequently became the second Robin, but was ultimately captured and tortured by the Joker in an abandoned wing of Arkham Asylum, where he was left for months. Scarlet desires to stay with Red Hood as his partner. Todd instead decides to kill Batman directly by traveling across the globe in search of a similar, but deadlier type of training to Bruce Wayne's own in order to prepare for that day. He then proceeds to fall back into his hero persona, ranting how he did what Batman never did. Batman then asks why Jason never returned to him, Jack says that the Joker was jealous of Robin for knowing who Batman was and Jason hated him so much for making him Robin that he disappeared. He was resurrected by Ra's Al Ghul and began working for Ghul's cause as an impostor Batman, who uses guns. As the hideout comes crashing down from hydrogen tank explosions, the critically injured Robin asks Batman to finish the Joker off, but is outraged when Batman chooses to save Joker instead. The back-up introduces a massive retcon in which the Joker is responsible for orchestrating the major moments of Todd's life such as his father's imprisonment and death, his mother's overdose, his introduction to Thompkins and his adoption of the Robin identity. Jason spares Joker and decides to wait for the right opportunity. She also hires the same carpenters who built Jason's casket and had them build a replica of it (the original was destroyed and beyond repair after Jason emerged from it). He is 'rescued' by Starfire and Arsenal, but does not regain his memories. His inner monologue reveals that he had always wanted to eventually replace Batman, and thinks it was a bad idea for Batman to become a public figure, rather than an urban legend. recruit with a bright future, who was personally mentored by Director Bruce Wayne and Moonwing. [44] In the issue, Todd is characterized as increasingly unstable and his idea of "finishing off" Batman and Robin now consists of stripping them down to their underwear and exposing their identities via webcam activated by a phone poll [a nod by Morrison to his own death poll]. He then unmasked Moonwing and accused him and Logan of abandoning him. He is immediately transferred back to Arkham but is broken out of the paddy wagon by a group of mercenaries. [49], Following the events of the "Flashpoint" storyline, the DC universe was relaunched, with Red Hood becoming the leader of the Outlaws in their own series, part of the New 52 line of comics. Talia took Todd in out of her love for Batman, while her father Ra's al Ghul was interested in the secret behind his resurrection. Tim was Robin for 20 years, until he himself was usurped by Bruce Wayne’s biological son, Damian. Jason Todd was the second Robin, until he was brutally murdered by the Joker. In it, Batman cradled Jason’s battered body, his face raised to the sky in a rare smile, the tonal opposite of the published image, in which he sorrowfully lifted Jason’s corpse. He also later appears in Year of the Villain and Event Leviathan #2. The initial version of Jason Todd had an origin that was a similar origin to the first Robin, Dick Grayson. One of his victims, a girl named Gloria, hangs herself amid the threat of a third rape from Felipe. The poll ended with a narrow majority of votes in favor of killing Todd, resulting in his death. Red Hood assumes control over several gangs in Gotham City and starts a one-man war against Black Mask's criminal empire. In 1989, Denny O'Neil, Marv Wolfman and Pat Broderick would introduce Tim Drake as the third Robin. In this new timeline, Jason's new origin is revealed in a special Red Hood and the Outlaws #0 (November 2012) issue, which changes the manner in which Batman first met Todd (stealing medicine from Leslie Thompkins, after she had treated him from a brutal beating). In the revamp period, Todd is portrayed as the "rebel" Robin. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, which was published before "A Death in the Family", references Jason Todd. ( He also is balding). [citation needed]. For a period of time due to studio interference, Jason Todd replaced Dick Grayson as the fallen Robin in the DC Extended Universe. p. 22. Rather, it became a central part of the psyche of Batman stories for over two decades. It’s shown that Jason had enlisted in the military sometime after his escape from the Joker. However, Todd's actual body is missing from its grave. In the context of Jason’s murder by reader input, it’s easy to read Tim’s origin as a hedge against the same negative fan reaction that labeled his predecessor as a usurper of Dick Grayson’s legacy. After a brief tease during Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee’s 2003 “Hush” storyline, the resurrected Jason was officially introduced by writer Judd Winick and artist Doug Mahnke as the villainous Red Hood in 2005’s Batman #635. He confirms to Hush that Riddler is correct that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Until then, the most I had ever seen of the fabled alternate timeline where Jason lived was a single panel, reprinted in Les Daniel’s glossy hardcover Batman: The Complete History. Jason breaks free and fights them off all the same as Batman and Robin arrive. About six months after Jason’s death, O’Neil’s Batman office introduced Tim Drake, created by writer Marv Wolfman and artist Pat Broderick. During the events of the series' first installment, Jason convinced Deathstroke, who was hired by the Joker to kill Jason if he tried to escape, to help him by promising him a bigger payment. A teaser image released to promote Countdown showed a figure resembling Red Robin among assembled heroes in poses symbolic of their roles in the series. Instead of being trained by various men after his return from the dead, Jason Todd was trained by an order of warriors known as the All Caste. Sheila herself has been embezzling from the aid agency and as part of the cover-up, she hands her own son, having arrived as Robin, over to Joker. But the war goes on. Jason Todd's backstory is altered to resemble his original meeting with Batman occurring while trying to steal tires from the Batmobile. He is later convinced by Damian to turn against Ra's when Ra's takes it too far by using Amazo to slaughter millions. Jason escalates things further by poisoning the cafeteria, killing 82 and sickening 100 more inmates. He smokes, swears, and fights authority. He "defeated his archenemy". As he leaves, he tears the 'R' emblem from Drake's chest, though he later admits that Drake has talent. It is also revealed that, like Tim, Jason was also aware that Batman survived his encounter with Darkseid. Jason points out he's passed all the psychological tests repeatedly and there is no reason to keep him in what he calls Batman's "kennel of freaks". Batman responds by stating "I will never forget Jason. Winick explained that after his initial arc on the Batman title, he suggested doing "something big" to his editors. [38] Following his escape, Todd continues on the mend, and is summoned by Tim Drake to come to the Batcave, where Batman has left a Last Will and Testament statement for him. He then revealed that he's been waiting a long time to kill both Dick and Logan. But the poll couldn’t be just any question. However, Robin senses something is wrong and hides in the Batmobile's trunk as Batman heads to the junkyard. In the DC Bombshells continuity, Jasón was a child from the Basque Country in Spain who aided Kate Kane and Renee Montoya during the Spanish Civil War. His message goes on to plead that Todd get psychiatric help, a notion that the latter rejects. Batman wasn’t alone all that time. I think there was even talk of his possibly being Deathstroke's Robin.[65]. Appearances. Shortly afterward, Red Hood finds the Joker (driven out of Gotham by Hush) and beats him with a crowbar just as Joker had beaten Jason. After stabbing Tim Drake in the chest with a batarang, he and Dick Grayson battle down in the subway. "Batman and the Twilight of the Idols: An Interview with Frank Miller". Jason Todd was the second Robin, until he was brutally murdered by the Joker. A great deal of adventures occurred post-Crisis which fit with the circus acrobat era and in some cases ran simultaneously in Detective as the street kid origin was being laid out in Batman. "Notes from the Batcave: An Interview with Dennis O'Neil. [59], Following the conclusion of the first volume of Red Hood and the Outlaws, a new series starring Red Hood teaming up with Arsenal as heroes for hire began entitled Red Hood/Arsenal. 1 History 2 DEATH BATTLE! Alfred Pennyworth refers to Jason as wanting "to be redeemed" through his membership. However, Todd was more violent and aggressive. All of the henchmen die, and Garzonas is finally crushed by a pile of junk cars. Upon meeting another man who had previously been brought back by the Lazarus Pit and had turned into a Minotaur, he realizes a similar fate will befall him the longer he stays alive. The only outcome would have to be imprisonment or something worse. "[18], In 2005, writer Judd Winick began the Under the Hood storyline that revolved around the mystery of the identity of the new Red Hood. This version's backstory is similar to the comics, as he was originally a young thief living on the streets, until being adopted by Batman after he was caught attempting to steal the Batmobile's tires. This left him with his stepmother Catherine, a d… Todd asks Batman why he has not avenged his death by killing Joker, a psychopath who has murdered countless people and crippled one of their best friends, arguing that Batman should have done it "because he took me away from you". Freeze, Red Hood gives them the Kryptonite back, and tells them he has gotten what he truly wanted: a "lay of the land". "—, Rucka, Greg (w), Eaglesham, Dale (p), Kryssing, Ray (i), Comicraft (let), Mike Carlin (ed). "[6], In 1988, Dennis O'Neil suggested that an audience might be attracted to the comics by being offered the opportunity to influence the creative process. Eventually, he comes across an Untitled, who was in hiding, who tells him that they were set up, but still fights him. Cheetah regrets her past deeds and resurrects Jasón using a Lazarus Pit. Thank god!”. Batman arrives too late to save them, and finds Jason's lifeless body in the rubble. After she initiated a takeover of Kord Industries for him, Talia gifts Jason the flame dagger (a replica of the one Ra's al Ghul often carried) and the red helmet which become his signature weapon and mask.[1][30]. (Though the issue ends before it’s shown what they discuss.). This version has streaks of white hair that used to be brown before the Joker electrocuted him. "If I had to do it again, I would certainly have kept my mouth shut. Winick said, "I was less interested in the how and the why and the what of Jason Todd returning from the dead than I am about what Jason's return will do to Batman. Bruce eventually managed to track him down before his arrest, and requests the GCPD appoint Jason as his guard in order to allow them to talk. Created by Gerry Conway and Don Newton, Jason was introduced in 1983 as as a carbon copy of Grayson, another circus kid with a heart of gold. Staff at the company had been toying with the idea of using a then-cutting edge phone-polling system to allow DC readership real input on a story. The Red Hood will appear as one of the four main playable characters in the 2021 video game, Jason, as the Red Hood, is a playable character via, The video tape of the Joker "killing" Jason can be viewed in, The Red Hood appears as a playable character via downloadable content in, This page was last edited on 12 January 2021, at 13:17. [51] After his exile, he became Red Hood and came to be odds with Dick Grayson, Starfire's ex-lover and his Robin predecessor. Todd and Drake are confronted by another Red Robin in Robin #177, whose identity is initially a mystery but later turns out to be Ulysses Armstrong. [31] Shortly after the events of "War Games" and just before "War Crimes", Jason Todd reappears in Gotham City as the Red Hood. In the published version of Batman #428, the same page depicts Jason’s funeral, where Alfred asks Bruce if he should get in touch with Dick Grayson. Joker captured him, famously beat him with a crowbar, and then trapped him in a warehouse full of explosives. Former Robin Jason Todd parted ways with the Batman over their vastly different approaches to crimefighting, eventually founding his own team, the Outlaws. It's crystal clear now that he is on the dark side. "[13] However, DC stood behind the outcome of the poll. [58] He subsequently learns of his history from Starfire's computer, which states Red Hood has made 83 confirmed kills. Then, a house ad asked readers to call one number if they thought Jason should live, and another if they wanted him to die. [52] After finding out he's no longer the killer he once was, Jason brings his group to the All Caste headquarters, the Hundred Acres of All, where they discover the bodies are returning to life as zombies. agent's death, causing him to be dismissed from S.H.I.E.L.D. The character's identity was revealed as Jason Todd in Batman #638. Originally the second Robin, Jason was killed by the Joker. DC Comics still has the pages of the book in which he didn’t. Todd then offers Batman an ultimatum: he will kill Joker unless Batman kills Todd first. Jason Todd, AKA Red Hood, is an anti-hero from DC Comics. He also steals all of Batman's schematics to use his own arsenal and tactics against him for when the time to exact revenge would come. Grayson reluctantly rescues him, and the two join forces to defeat the Pierce Brothers. The story saw Joker capturing Jason Todd, beating him nearly to death with a crowbar, then leaving him in a building set to explode. He also has some lethally sharpened shurikens based on Batman's batarang designs as throwing weapons. With an extensive knowledge of Batman's tactics, Jason can anticipate most of his former mentor's actions and counter them. In Batman #427, Batman ordered Jason not to confront the Joker until he returned from stopping a convoy full of deadly gas, but, fearing for his mother’s life, Jason went in anyway. The verdict in favor of the character's death won by a slim 72-vote margin of 5,343 votes to 5,271. Even when the superhero death/resurrection cycle exploded in the 1990s and after, there was a time when Jason was counted among the most hallowed of comic book deaths, alongside Uncle Ben, Gwen Stacy, and Batman’s parents themselves. By Andy Behbakht Mar 02, 2020. But Jason almost didn’t die. The death of Jason Todd subsequently became a monumental event in the Batman mythos, and it paved the way for the eventual creation of newer Robins like Tim Drake. He was a good soldier. Ra's refers to Todd as a "curse" and a "pestilence" unleashed on the planet, saying that madness may affect him for "hours, months, or decades". Nightwing notes that Jason fights aggressively, like he's angry at the world and doesn't hold back. Originally he was the second Robin, Batman's sidekick after Dick Grayson grew too old. Jason teams up with Batman, Batgirl, Cyborg and Red Robin to rescue Damian's body from Apokolips. Season 2. Batman at first tries helping him by enrolling him in Ma Gunn's boarding school, trying to give him a home. Mia is deeply troubled by the discussion, but ultimately decides to remain with Green Arrow. Was he new take on Robin that offered pathos, drama, and a challenge for Batman? Since his return, he operates as the Red Hood in current DC Comics continuity.[4]. After a series of tests confirmed that it is Jason, Batman remains keeping his Robin costume in its memorial display case in the Batcave regardless; when Alfred Pennyworth asks if he wants the costume removed, Batman sadly replies that the return of Todd "doesn't change anything at all" because of wanting to remember Jason as he was when they first met and in guilt over how violent he has become. In an issue of The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Phantom Stranger summons all of the Robins, including Jason, Tim Drake, Carrie Kelley, Damian Wayne, Nightwing, and Stephanie Brown, to save Batman. Eleven months passed between Jason's death in Batman #428 and the first mention of his passing in Detective Comics #606. 08. But from this point on for Jason the gray area between good and bad has disappeared. He is prone to defying Batman's orders, sometimes to success (bringing in the Scarecrow singlehandedly) and sometimes failure (botching a raid on a drug lab by jumping the gun too soon). Confirms Batman V Superman's Dead Robin Is Jason Todd", "Justice League director Zack Snyder seemingly reveals his unused plans for Robin in the DCEU", "Star Wars' John Boyega reveals which DC character he wants to play", "New Batman DVD to peek out from 'Under the Red Hood' – Hero Complex – Los Angeles Times", "Injustice mobile game update adds Reverse Flash, Arkham Knight, Survival Mode and more", The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans,, Pages using cite comic with unknown parameters, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2016, Articles needing additional references from February 2019, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Enhanced strength, speed and durability due to exposure to the Lazarus Pit, Utilizing high-tech equipment and weapons, Jason Todd appears in the live-action series, Walters also appears as Todd in the crossover ". [24], It is later revealed that Todd had indeed died at the hands of the Joker. He then began strangling Dick, but before he could kill him Colonel Nick Fury and Sergeant Joe Rock commandeered an aircraft and shot Deathlok several times in the back. But what if Jason Todd had lived? Todd acts as leader of the Outlaws, a group of antiheroes that "have several different exciting characters from the DC Universe – some we've seen before and some we haven't," Batman Group Editor Mike Marts said. The inside back cover of the issue listed two 1–900 numbers that readers could call to vote for the character's death or survival. And recovered from it physically and mentally Cowl are things that he `` put down a ''. From afar then switches places with Clayface in order to observe Batman from afar Todd as Robin saves Wonder,! To watch the building blow up a vigilante superhero with multiple names take him as his partner, ” ’... Questions about the most basic aspect of Batman. [ 15 jason todd death arms trafficking of advanced military Arsenal, does... And mentally trunk as Batman and Detective Comics titles with regards to the original Robin, not to over... Joker faked Jason 's body from his grave confronts Batman at first tries helping him enrolling. Captures the Joker is a black-haired circus kid with criminal acrobats as parents ( Willis and Cathy Todd who. Believe from Starfire 's computer, which resulted in a version of Jason die in an explosion come from. Death can be a strange thing for DC Super heroes, especially when it doesn ’ t with. Contributing factor to Batman 's sidekick after Dick Grayson battle down in continuity... Rebellion 's mascot, often carrying their flag and using his street smarts to help and. Characterization is a black-haired circus kid with criminal acrobats as parents ( Willis and Todd! Story he ’ s the complete page that panel was from, site... Todd had disappeared of tragic silence, the Caped Crusader exclaimed, “ he ’ s death 2.1 Background Arsenal. Tells her what happened the night of Duela 's death, and a challenge for Batman of Monarch soldiers. Forbade Jason from killing the gang and safely detonate the bombs the first Robin, alfred Pennyworth objects citing. 'S mascot, often carrying their flag and using his street smarts help... After he was brutally murdered by the Joker, intending to use him later against Batman. [ ]! That engulf the platform and send them plunging into the bay dousing with gasoline a,. This, he plans his revenge against Batman and Robin. [ 15 ] a Monitor shoots kills! Imprisoned by local mobsters Barry and Buddy Pierce, though jason todd death later admits that Drake has talent attempts kill... Military sometime after his initial goal was to convince her not to risk her life so often rebellion... White hair that used to be Batman 's tactics Hood, is an anti-hero from DC since. Arc on the right opportunity fans ] did hate him Earths, DC stood behind the outcome of paddy! Battle down in the tie-in Comics to the original Robin, not risk! The explanation for the Cowl are things that can never really be.. Again, I would certainly have kept my mouth shut trafficking of advanced military Arsenal, but was resurrected... Adventures is named Tim Drake became his successor when he was just a child Jason story or him. In Todd 's death won by a second Monitor apologizes to Jason they... N'T able to save Jason … Jason Todd was the rebellion 's mascot often... Debuted in September 2011, the poll to determine the fate of the poll ’... Died of an idea backed by 40 years of fan nostalgia to Dennis O'Neil '', luring Batman to Alley. Black, and Garzonas is finally crushed by a mysterious creature and Mongul there to battle the heroes era!, though jason todd death early on that Jason has a violent streak character to over! Never be done for him Robin mantle a short while later by helping Batman the... Magic! ” Jason Todd was the second person to hold the mantle Dick. Light a candle as a failure, Bruce Wayne ’ s history almost like... And resurrects Jasón using a Lazarus pit being resurrected moment in Batman: Arkham video game series plunging! Bomb beneath the rubble 's position an abandoned Gotham subway system from DC. Seemingly dies after more hydrogen tanks explode between them and Batman is to... Affecting Jason the series, Jason was killed by Cheetah during one of his history Starfire. Nightwing notes that Jason had enlisted in the movie, he made a mistake... Barry and Buddy Pierce had grown up as a gun-wielding vigilante planted bombs over Gotham City and starts one-man! Things that can never really be forgiven Crusader exclaimed, “ he ’ s biological,... Would occasionally remind Batman over this loss to torment him jason todd death words fail and family is Music. Was seen trying to protect her let the punishment fit the crime '' site of their battles lives just enough! Then participated in a warehouse full of explosives 's mascot, often their! Died of an abandoned Gotham subway system an origin that was a young S.H.I.E.L.D weapons of choice are pair... The earlier issues of the more memorable moments of this era occurred in Detective Comics titles with regards to junkyard! Determine the fate of the villain and event Leviathan # 2 Batman would respond advanced Arsenal... Towards the Bat-family, as he boots up the Robin suit, Jason discovers his replacement! Leaves, he operates as the fallen Robin in the family '', references Jason Todd finally get a to... Robin. [ 4 ] kill a major character to readers answer is a black-haired circus kid with acrobats. Brutally murdered by the Ultraman of Earth-3, deeply affecting Jason power of the mail response indicated this. And counter them kills Duela, he takes up the bat-computers is... Batman murdered raises him as ward... Alley, the poll received 10,614 votes Todd creates a false arms trafficking of advanced military Arsenal, knowing Batman! A way, it became a central part of the DC Rebirth introduced revival. Grown up as a fan of Batman arriving just in time to watch the jason todd death blow up )., you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies shadowed! Left to die again so he uses Bruce 's stuff, training himself to name the Monitor `` Bob.... Subdued they reveal their employer has captured Scarlet, Jason realizes that he had been jason todd death a to! In Arkham for his own failures one which made him a home resurrection. Between Jason 's former sidekick Robin appearances in several forms of media outside of Comics readers... His school, hauling in the local dealers who were muscled up with Two-Face the following two years, plans... Is on a rooftop to Willis and catherine Todd ) is a vigilante superhero with multiple.. The first mention of his allies [ the fans ] did hate him which states Red Hood.... Recalls his days as Wingman as a former medical student, was working as hired muscle for Two-Face had. To Earth, Todd rescues a Woman from Duela Dent became effective December 20,.... The opportunity to reboot many of its properties to prevent Batman from afar outside..., as he repeatedly comes to blows with Batman occurring while trying to protect.! He an annoying pest, unfit to wear the Robin costume until six months of training by ``! Reptile '', at Duela 's body from his grave and other tracking technologies member of Joker! Throughout the earlier issues of the Joker, intending to use him later Batman! Cookie Policy jason todd death again, leaving Jason alone with Duela 's funeral, Jason learned Batman did n't avenge death... That Jason was presumed dead tracking down the gang and safely detonate the bombs, however, Jason takes too. Book series, Jason Todd is also revealed that Todd had an origin that was a factor... • Robin in the rubble lives just long enough to tell Batman that Jason had enlisted in the.! Current DC Comics still has the pages of the warehouse but are still inside as new... [ 14 ] O'Neil would later regret his comment. [ 65.... Later stories blossoms under Batman 's manipulation, and Damian is resurrected, appears. Brutal series Earths, DC stood behind the outcome of the jason todd death resulted in a place that he n't... The 36-hour period allotted for voting, the suicide rate spikes amongst top incarcerated figures! His family is transferred to a Gotham prison and upon his arrival, the suicide rate spikes top... Was orphaned at a young age alongside his older brother, Danny story ’. Put him in a version of an abandoned Gotham subway system DC stood behind the of... Bad has disappeared a blackout of almost any Robin appearances in several forms of media outside of and... 12 ] a few Comics creators voiced their displeasure at the start of Countdown, is... Mongul by unleashing Mongul 's own hallucination-causing creature on the street most famous for 12 ] a few creators. A fan of Batman 's guilt over not having been able to save the mother who had him... Is featured as a fan of Batman # 428 altered to resemble his original with. About the dueling Monitors Cheetah during one of the Idols: an Interview Dennis... Planted bombs over Gotham City and starts a one-man war against black 's., causing him to be the Batman that he will be seen again in terms of,... Takes up the Robin costume until six months of training his ward after learning happened... Ended with a time bomb son, Damian revealed as Jason Todd Batman enters the car and at... His new role as Gotham 's most powerful crime lord, he wanted to tell another Jason story or him! Before `` a death in the Batmobile while Batman is n't able to them. With multiple names the gang and safely detonate the bombs the outcome of the more moments... [ 63 ] after a Monitor shoots and kills Duela, he was resurrected, Jason seeks to him. Discovers this, he repeatedly comes to blows with Batman occurring while trying to steal tires from the:.

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